CAGR Explained

Compound Interest Explained

Savings Calculator

401(k) Calculator

Investment Returns Calculator

Simple Interest Calculator

Credit Card Payment Calculator

Does Dollar Cost Averaging make volatility "work for you"?

Do Fibonacci Numbers predict stock prices?

Do you know which months are worst in the stock market?
(And is the January Effect for real?)

Some stock tips from Karl Marx.

The Rule of 72: How to estimate compound interest, and why the estimate works.

The CAGR of the Market: Compound annual growth rate of the S&P 500.

Tax Calculator

Federal Tax Brackets (and simple tax calculator)

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Social Security and Medicare Tax Calculator

Sales Tax Calculator



What is Monte Carlo planning?

What's the logic behind the PEG Ratio?

What exactly are beta, alpha, and r-squared all about?

How do index funds work?
(And what's the difference between "growth" and "value"?)

Inflation Calculator: Future value in today's dollars.

Plus: full screen Glossary and Calculator.


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